Pull It Up - Episode 22 - S13


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Pull It Up - Episode 22 (Saison 12) Du 28 Janvier 2021.
Tracklist :
Real Squad Records - Blacker Shade Riddim
Wayne Wonder Feat Badda General - Big Sound
Nadine Sutherland Feat Zj Liquid - Bad Card
Shinehead Feat Badda General - Spit Fyah
Singer J - Dem Dead
Patexx - Straight
Galaxy P - Ole Skalawa
Wasp - Get Up Stand Up
Spayde876 - Boom Draw
Lazer Maytrix - Last Days
Badda General - Sound Check
Luciano Feat Uneek #1 - Red Alert
Turbulence Feat Samora - Please Be Mine
Teacha Dee - I Appreciate You - Time Machine
Reggae Vibes Music - Rock All Riddim
Anthony B - Close To You
Snatcha Lion - You Rule
Dreama - Country Girl
Ken Dallas - Love You Mama
Fiyaneer - We Bawl
Sizzla - Get Out A Babylon System
Jah Cure - You Cant See My Soul
Bescenta - Fire Bun Return
Powerman - Deep In My Soul
Richie Spice - Got You Baby
Rufftop Rock I - Life Is What You Make It
Lutan Fyah - Have Mercy
Turbulence - Stop The Fighting
soul survival recordz - Silent Murdah Riddim
Luciano - Killy Killy
Yami Bolo - Blood Or Not
Junior Cat - Wherever I'M Going
Polly Famous - We Want Peace
Urbann - Calm And Collective
Blessd - Sensi Smoke
Junior Cat - Roll Deep
Yellow Bird - Silent Murdah
Kairo Mclean - Talk Of The Town
Loud City - High Times Riddim
Bobby Hustle - Free Up
Lutan Fyah - Nuh Easy
Perfect Giddimani - High Times
Samini - Be Easy
Alam - Rise
Train Line Records - Night In Gale Riddim
Freddie Mcgregor - Here I Come
Lutan Fyah - Africa Shall Rise
Perfect Giddimani - Bad Lands
Norris Man - Deep Conversation
Anthony B - Good Time
Busy Signal - Place Ah Run Hot
Kuzik - Real Energy
Real Mckoy - Remain Joyful
Pressure Busspipe - True To Yourself
Randy Valentine - What A Joy
Bobby Hustle Feat Asha D & Pipo T & Tiwony - No Justice No Peace

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