The Power of the Pelvis with Dr. Susie Gronksi


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Dr. Susie Gronski, PT, DPT Specializing in men’s pelvic and sexual health, Susie Gronski, PT, DPT is a licensed doctor of physical therapy, certified pelvic rehabilitation practitioner, international teacher, author and creator of one-to-one and self-paced health programs that help men with pelvic pain become experts in treating themselves. Website(s): Learn more by visiting **In This Episode** Pelvic health is one of the most under-appreciated aspects of physiology. Join Dr. Gronski and Jason in their upbeat, but informative discussion about all things pelvic health, consciousness, and how these relate to other aspects of health - including HRV. Show Notes 02:00 - Meet Dr. Susie Gronski 05:10 - What the pelvis is and why we should care about it 09:45 - How many athletes experience incontinence and how pelvic health therapy can address it 11:30 - Pelvic activation in practice 13:55 - Relating the pelvis with other systems in the body 19:00 - How the nervous system relates to pelvic health 25:45 - The importance of diversity in all things 29:15 - Importance of pelvic health in digestion 34:15 - Common pelvic health issues 41:45 - Using HRV to enhance pelvic health 42:55 - Surmounting social hurdles when treating pelvic health issues 55:15 - The 5 "S's" of the Pelvis 56:45 - Consciousness, unconscious, adaptability, and meta-habits 1:11:00 - Practical ways to improve pelvic health 1:17:30 - Thinking big, but acting small 1:24:15 - Where you can find out more about Dr. Gronski's work

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