[Repost] #231: The Wellness Diet, Binge Eating Disorder, and Diet Culture vs. Intuitive Eating with Julia Levy-Ndejuru, Anti-Diet Dietitian


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Fellow anti-diet dietitian Julia Lévy-Ndejuru joins us to discuss her experience with the Wellness Diet and binge eating disorder, why there’s no such thing as “light restriction,” how pregnancy affected her relationship with her body, how even body-liberation activists can still be triggered by diet culture, and so much more. Plus, Christy answers a listener question about whether home-testing kits for food sensitivities are accurate or bogus. (This episode originally aired on March 16, 2020.)

Julia Lévy-Ndejuru is a registered dietitian, blogger and MSc. candidate currently living in Montreal, Canada. Her clinical work is rooted in intuitive eating and Health At Every Size. She holds bachelor's degrees in Dietetics and in Psychology, and her Masters research project focuses on the interplay between intuitive eating and the practice of relaxation activities. She firmly believes that everyone deserves to have a good relationship with food and their body, and recognizes the importance of social justice work to get there. Through her writing and occasional public speaking, she hopes to bring the intuitive eating and HAES messages to people who may not be familiar with them. More specifically, she does most of her writing in French, to make these philosophies accessible to francophone communities in Canada and worldwide. Find her online at NutritionPositive.ca.

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